Treading the Boards<br>Middle & Senior Plays 21 August

Treading the Boards
Middle & Senior Plays 21 August

Treading the Boards
Middle & Senior Plays 21 August

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The Middle School Play Seedfolks
Seedfolks By Paul Fleischman

From the very first scene in the play, Seedfolks, I was absolutely hooked. The way in which the play tells real and very poignant stories about people’s lives and cultures was absolutely gripping and, while the play was originally set in the cultural melting pot of New York City, I felt that as a prominent multi-cultural country it would find a perfect home here in Australia.

What I loved most about this play is the way in which it has allowed all of us in the play to share our own unique heritage and I have loved learning about the countries that the girls’ parents, grandparents, or even the girls themselves, originally hail from.

And much like the play, where people from all walks of life are united through the love of gardening and nature, I feel we as a group of actors, backstage crew and technicians have come together from a myriad of cultures to be part of the Middle School Play.

I hope you enjoy the play and the experience of watching the play gives you as much enjoyment as we have had coming together to create it.

Jaron Winter

The Senior School Play The Year Nick McGowan Came to Stay 

The Year Nick McGowan Came to Stay is the second production of the Senior School student–run theatre group, the Whitby Players. The Whitby Players group was formed as an initiative to provide St Hilda’s Senior students an avenue to nurture and develop their skills, passion and talents for live performance, guided by a teacher/mentor.

The group is given the opportunity to operate just like a “real world” company does, undertaking a truly collaborative and creative process with all aspects of a production. It has been a delight to work with this passionate, intelligent and talented group to create and share this wonderful play.

Belinda Gravel
Head of Faculty Drama


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