The St Hilda’s Foundation was established to bring life changing opportunities to young women, their families and the community.

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The St Hilda's School environment has been developed over more than 100 years through the generosity of past communities and the support of the Anglican Diocese. To aid this generosity, the St Hilda’s Foundation was established in 2013 as a registered not-for-profit charity accepting tax deductible donations.

Girls grow up with wide-ranging dreams and one of the greatest gifts we can give them is the opportunity to learn and broaden their horizons through new life experiences. Our success depends on the support of our community.

Together we will shape strong and confident individuals who enrich our community and lead positive change in the world.

Your contribution enables us to lay the foundation that empowers our young women to become exceptional citizens and leaders, through the creation of opportunities for them to re-shape their future, bringing life-changing opportunities to young women, their families and community.

We invite you to explore the wonderful opportunities and events that St Hilda's Foundation offers.