In a groundbreaking move, Nulon Racing is taking the wheel to accelerate the rise of female talent in the motorsport industry.

The renowned racing team has firmly established a partnership with Motorsport Australia, joining forces in their "Girls On Track" initiative, which is devoted to mentoring and guiding young women towards their dreams in motorsports.

Nulon Racing's commitment to promoting gender diversity extends beyond this significant partnership. In a strategic alliance with the St Hilda's Foundation, the team is actively involved in providing invaluable experiences and opportunities for aspiring female engineers, thereby contributing to the development of one of Australia's top-tier sporting domains.

At the core of Nulon Racing's mission are the dynamic women who propel the team forward. Carmen Xiberras, our Team Owner, is a driving force behind this initiative. Romy Mayer, a distinguished female Engineer in Supercars, showcases the heights to which women can ascend in this field. Hayley Tyrell, our astute Partnerships Manager, demonstrates the critical role women play in the industry's growth and success.

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Additionally, Nulon Racing acknowledges the significant contribution of St Hilda's Foundation in nurturing young talents. Ava Manton, a Year 11 student, was the successful recipient of the Foundation's Ammonite Grant this year. Ava's reward includes a visit to Nulon Racing for a week during her Year 12. This initiative highlights the partnership between St Hilda's Foundation and Nulon Racing, demonstrating their shared commitment to empowering young women.

Grants and internships are available to students entering Year 11, all made possible by St Hilda's Foundation. Each grant offers recipients the opportunity to complete a 2-week internship, providing valuable experience and the potential to establish relationships or secure positions with the corresponding businesses upon graduation.

Notably, each grant also includes financial support, thanks to the generosity of donors to St Hilda's Foundation. This financial backing aids students in their endeavors, ensuring that the path to a successful future is as smooth as possible.

Nulon Racing, in partnership with St Hilda's Foundation, is leading the way in empowering the next generation of female motorsport talent. Together, they are transforming the motorsport industry, offering young women opportunities to thrive in this exciting field. The future of motorsports is female, and Nulon Racing and St Hilda's Foundation are driving this change.

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For more information on the St Hilda's Foundation, visit the grants page here.