A “typical” weekday and weekend as a St Hilda's Boarder.

School Day Schedule

5am - 6am
Early wake up for those who have very early co-curricular sport commitments. Or joining our Wellbeing Beach trip.
6am -7am
Wake up for those with co-curricular commitments, own fitness or extra study requirements
7am - 7.50 am
Progressive Breakfast. Girls who train for sport in the morning can access breakfast till 8.10am
Students prepare for School
By 8.10am
All Boarders off to their locker and then school
Boarding Houses closed until 3.25pm
School begins
School finishes, Boarding Houses open, Afternoon Tea study or leisure time, all extra/co-curricular activities
5pm – 8:30pm
1st Prep Session, Dinner & 2nd Prep Session for all year levels
7.30pm – 8.30pm
Down time, shower time for younger years
8.30pm - 9pm
Community quiet time
8.30pm - 9.30 pm
Years 10 to 12 Optional 3rd Prep Session/down time
9pm onwards
Lights out/quiet time
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Weekend Schedule

5.30am - 7am
Early wake up for those who have early co-curricular sport or study commitments. Or joining our Wellbeing Beach trip.
Breakfast prepared by our in-house Chefs
9am - 12.30pm
Leisure, personal tasks, organised activities/sport
12.30pm - 1pm
Lunch. All girls in-house must attend. Time may vary due to weekend activities.
2pm - 5.30pm
Organised outings, sporting or cultural commitments. Optional study, rest, relaxed activities with fellow Boarders. Sports Complex (Gym), Pool, Music rooms are available all weekend with staff member supervision.
Dinner in the Dining Room. All girls attend.
7pm - 10pm
Organised activities in-house or off-site.
7.30pm Sundays
Focus Time – all Boarders prepare for the school week ahead.