Our extensive Wellbeing Program provides boarders with opportunities to enjoy the many cultural and recreational outings available on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane.

The experienced boarding team pride themselves on the newly-implemented Boarding Wellbeing Program that is designed to assist boarders to feel cared for, effectively connected and engaged in a positive community environment.

The Boarding School Philosophy of increasing care, growing connection, and embracing community has helped shape the development of our renowned Boarding Wellbeing Program. We ensure that each family experiences the care, connection, and community they deserve.
Amanda Rigby - Head of Boarding

Boarders choose to belong to one of the nine committees which allows opportunities for leadership, shared voice and connection. Each of the nine presidents shares information with our Care, Connection and Community Ambassadors.

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Care for Me
Connect Me
Community for Me
Care for Me

The care ambassadors assist with our extensive activities and wellness program. Check out our boarders' Facebook and Instagram pages to see the array of activities that our girls organise and participate in. We provide students with opportunity to explore all aspects of the Gold Coast. Engaging in theme parks, nature walks, beach trips, bike riding, rock climbing and more. Students regularly attend the beach on weekends and on mornings prior to the school day, which allows boarders to take a breath, reflect and reset their batteries.

  • Weekend activities
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Committees
  • Wellness Program
  • 170 days of service per year
  • Edwin Cup Competition
Connect Me

Each St Hilda’s boarding student will experience the ‘Connect Me phase’. Not only will they have opportunities to connect within our environment but also within the wider community. These ambassadors focus on the entire boarding journey and offer options for preparing to leave boarding with a range of skills and certifications. Opportunities include:

  • Australian Swim courses
  • Scuba Diving License
  • RSA & RSG course
  • Interview techniques course
  • First Aid and CPR courses
  • Barista course
  • University tours
Community for Me

Each St Hilda’s boarding student will experience the ‘Community for Me phase’. This phase is the goal of what we hope to achieve for each student who is a member of our boarding family. Each boarding student is required to complete 1 day of service. This Collaboratory means as a boarding community we contribute to 170 days of service to the wider community, providing our students an opportunity to give back and feel great. Service opportunities consist of park runs, clean up days, charity runs, car washes, junior school reading, tree planting and many more!

  • I've found my voice
  • I've paid it forward
  • I've built relationships
  • I've made memories
  • I understand the plight of others
  • I am qualified

Academic Support

Boarders benefit from a range of measures which assist their academic progress through all phases of their educational journey. Fully supervised Prep or study times, after-school tutorials for core subjects and evening tutorial assistance by boarding tutors are just some of the strategies that are in place to provide important academic support for boarders.

Academic support resources include:

  • Teacher-led tutorials
  • Formal prep times
  • Dedicated study venues
  • Access to external tutors