With our dedicated and experienced teachers, every student will receive the support and guidance they need to succeed in our challenging and stimulating curriculum.

Year 11

Year 11 brings with it increasing responsibilities for their academic program and for School Leadership. They take on key roles in their House, giving them the chance to evolve their leadership skills. They take the lead in House Musicals, House Plays and take part in committees that understudy the Prefect Portfolios. With increasing confidence in the roles, their aspirations also grow.

The Year 11 Character and Leadership Development Program is centered around the school motto, Non Nobis Solum – Not for Ourselves Alone and the philosophy of Servant Leadership. The phrase Servant Leadership was coined by Robert R. Greenleaf. To be a servant leader, one needs to: listen, show empathy, be aware, be persuasive, to conceptualise a positive future, show foresight, have a sense of stewardship, and be willing to contribute to the growth of their (school) community.

Year 12

One of our clear ambitions is to develop confident young women who are keen and enthusiastic to be involved in living a vibrant life. We are enthusiastic about seeing the senior girls develop ideas and lead initiatives where they can practice their leadership. The leadership we aspire to is one where the girls are confident about expressing their viewpoint. Modern women have confidence, good values and a style that is an asset to their ability to achieve significant goals.

The girls have many opportunities to practice and develop each of these attributes. We are proud of the ability of the senior girls to lead the school. They show maturity and judgement. Many of the senior girls have participated in a cultural tour with the school or been part of the school exchange program in Year 10. This has provided deep maturity to the group and they consistently show an ability to lead that displays judgement, alongside of the ability to connect sincerely with the community.

Subject Selection

Years 11 & 12 - English
Years 11 & 12 - Mathematics
Elective (Choice of 3)
Years 11 & 12 - English

Year 11 & 12 English -


English as an Additional Language


Essential English

Years 11 & 12 - Mathematics

General Mathematics

Mathematical Methods

Specialist Mathematics

Essential Mathematics

Elective (Choice of 3)


Ancient History



Childcare Traineeship: Certificate III in Early Childhood Education & Care CHC30113

Diploma of Business Vocational




English and Literature Extension General (Year 12 only)

Film, Television & New Media

Hospitality Practices


French Extension General (Year 12 only)



Modern History


Music Extension General (Year 12 only)

Physical Education



Study of Religion

Visual Art

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.

John C. Maxwell