St Hilda’s School students have maintained the school’s long-standing tradition of academic success, confirmed by the release of 2023 ATAR results.

Dear St Hilda’s community,

It is with great pride that I acknowledge and congratulate our St Hilda’s School 2023 graduates on their exceptional results in their QCE completion and ATAR results which were released by QCAA today.

Our Class of 2023 demonstrated impressive strength and commitment to their studies to meet their personal goals that they set throughout their senior years. The girls worked with determination to encourage and support one another to achieve their best results.

Parents of our 2023 graduates may be aware that our Year 12 graduates can decide whether to allow our school access to their ATAR result. We are appreciative of the significant number of Year 12 graduates who have enabled us to view their achievements. With the data available to us, I am pleased to share that:

· Seven students achieved an ATAR above 99.0.
· 26% of St Hilda’s graduates achieved an ATAR 95 or above.
· 44% of St Hilda’s graduates achieved an ATAR of 90.0 and above.
· 27 students were offered early entry degree places at a range of universities.
· Of our graduating cohort, 14 students have gained early entry into their preferred course at their chosen University.

We congratulate Alice Ye and Annalize De Wet on their achievement of a 99.90 ATAR score.

We also wish to celebrate some additional successes for the cohort:

· Five students achieved 100/100 in one subject.
· 11 students achieved 99/100 in at least one subject.
· 12 students who studied six subjects received “A” and nine students who studied five subjects achieved “A”.
· Collectively the cohort achieved 242 overall subject results of “A”.
· 100% of the cohort have been awarded a Senior Statement or QCE.

These outstanding results are testament to the dedication of our students to their studies.

It is important to remember that ATAR results are only one indicator of academic success at St Hilda’s School. In the Class of 2023, 43 students graduated with additional vocational qualifications, including courses in Animal Studies, Business, Community Services, Construction, Early Childhood Education and Care, Fashion, Health Services, Library Information Services, Nursing, Retail, and Screen and Media.

We look forward to learning more about the Class of 2023’s pathways when university offers are made.

We wish our 2023 graduates every success in their future endeavours, and look forward to reconnecting with a number of the girls and celebrating their achievements at the Scholars’ Assembly on Monday 29 January followed by our 2023 Graduates Afternoon Tea on Friday 9 February 2024.

I sincerely thank all parents, carers and staff for their tremendous support, care, encouragement and guidance of the girls through their educational journey as each member of our St Hilda’s School community has been instrumental in supporting impressive achievements of our 2023 graduates.

Ms Amanda Shuttlewood
MEd, GradDipEd, GradCertEd, BEd, BA, CertIV Workplace Trainer, MACE, MALEA, MICDA

Acting Principal