We offer a wide range of extracurricular activities, from sports to clubs and beyond, to help our students find their passions and develop their talents.

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Co-Curricular & Extra-Curricular Handbook

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Service Activities

Our School Motto, Non Nobis Solum (Not for Ourselves Alone), is a key driver at the heart of all that we do here at St Hilda's School. It is the essence of being a St Hilda's girl. As a reflection of this, there is a clear expectation that all girls participate in at least two Service activities each semester.

Through our range of Service Activities, St Hilda's students learn that the purpose of their education is to have a positive impact on the people and the world around them. During their time in the school, each girl is expected to develop and grow into a citizen who contributes positively to their local, national and international community.

Co-Curricular Activities

We aspire to help St Hilda's School girls to become future generations of successful, resilient women of integrity. To support that aspiration, we offer a wide range of Co-Curricular Activities. Many significant life skills are taught or may be learned in these programs. These include:

  • leadership
  • decision-making
  • commitment
  • taking responsibility
  • teamwork
  • motivating others
  • organising others
  • negotiating

Through their involvement in these activities, students develop a sense of accomplishment and enhance their self-confidence by using their talents and responding to the challenges presented to them.

Our Co-Curricular Activities form an integral part in the learning and development of all St Hilda's School students as they augment the formal curriculum. Each student in Years 7-12 at St Hilda's School is expected to participate in at least two Co-Curricular activities each semester. The variety of Co-Curricular activities offered at St Hilda's School aims to accommodate the diverse range of our students’ interests and abilities.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra-Curricular activities are those that fall outside the realm of our normal school curriculum of school and the majority are not explicitly connected to academic learning. Extra-Curricular activities are usually run by outside providers who may charge fees for their services.